What is green coffee and is it safe?

Coffee is a fruit. Green Coffee Beans Extract are the raw seeds of coffee cherries that have been separated or "processed" and have yet to be roasted. All of a coffee's taste and flavor potential is held within this green seed. This potential is ultimately unleashed through roasting the green coffee. Green Coffee Beans Extract are basically just unroasted coffee beans. Coffee beans are naturally green, but they are usually roasted before being sold to the consumer. This is the process that turns them brown. As we know coffee beans are loaded with Antioxidants and pharmacologically active compounds. Two of the most important ones are Caffeine and Chlorogenic Acid. Chlorogenic Acid is believed to be the main active ingredient in Green Coffee Beans Extract. That is, the substances that produces the weight loss effects.

In particular, chlorogenic acid are responsible for the green coffee bean's health food status.

Chlorogenic acid is an antioxidant. It's good for you. And, surprise: there's more chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans than the roasted variety (which is lost during the roasting process). The body quickly absorbs and metabolizes chlorogenic acid, meaning our bodies can easily take advantage of its bountiful health benefits. Order GreencofffeeKart Green Coffee Beans Capsules today to have multiple benefits and to be healthy.

Benefits of Green Coffee Beans

Green coffee bean is promising as an energy supplement. There are two active ingredients in green coffee bean extract: caffeine and chlorogenic acid. Caffeine is a well-known and well-researched metabolism and energy booster. The combination of these two ingredients is much more effective than caffeine (or regular coffee) alone.

Weight Loss

Clinical research suggests that green coffee extract may help with weight loss. Adults with mild to moderate obesity who consume green coffee extract lost significantly more weight than those consuming regular coffee.


Obesity can be influenced by both genetic and environmental factors. The prevalence of obesity has largely increased over the past few decades due to lifestyle shifts. Obesity is clinically diagnosed as having a BMI of over 30, and usually is accompanied by any number of detrimental health conditions. It is an increasingly common condition that currently affects more than 30% of the population, with over 50% of Americans considered to be either overweight or obese.


There is preliminary clinical evidence that supports the role of green coffee extract in significantly reducing blood pressure in adults with mild, untreated hypertension. Blood pressure is the force of the blood pumping against the artery walls. With high blood pressure, repeated stress on the artery wall can cause damage and health problems such as heart disease. About 29% of adults in the US have high blood pressure. Other traits that green coffee extract may be beneficial towards include: hyperhomocysteinemia and metabolic rate.

What is green coffee extract

Sources of Green Coffee Bean

Green coffee beans are actually grown on a bush, usually in warm or tropical regions. The vast majority of coffee beans available in the US are already roasted – which means they are no longer the green coffee beans used for supplementation. Green coffee beans are available in raw, unprocessed form or as an extract in supplement (capsule) form.

Do I Need A Green Coffee Bean Supplement?

Since green coffee bean is not necessary for human bodily functions, supplementation is never absolutely necessary. Can you benefit from green coffee bean supplementation? If you are overweight, obese, or have hypertension, you may experience positive health benefits from green coffee bean.

How Much Green Coffee Bean Do I Need?

There is no RDA (recommended daily amount) for green coffee beans or its extract. Green coffee bean supplements are also available in a variety of chlorogenic acid strengths, as well as the option of additional caffeine. The optimal dosages for chlorogenic acid and/or green coffee bean extract have not yet been determined. However, effective and safe dosages based on available research is as follows:

  • 10% Chlorogenic Acid Supplement: 1200-3000mg daily
  • 20% Chlorogenic Acid Supplement: 600-1500mg daily
  • 50% Chlorogenic Acid Supplement: 240-600mg daily